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The offering

Spirit Cell is a consultation service by Sarah McAllister utilizing the tarot to expand consciousness and improve the quality of your life. Tarot is designed to help us know ourselves better.  It reveals to us our strengths and edges at any particular time, in any particular situation. During our session, we will use the cards to discover the themes at work in our lives and allow them to inform steps we can take to make changes on an inward level and thus expanding outwardly.

The offering is for those who are interested in working with a professional to create a more fulfilling life experience, those who may be grappling with decision making and life changes, those who may be suffering from depression, or those who may simply want guidance along their path.  Sessions may focus on a certain area of life, such as career or relationships, or on deeper topics such as healing from traumas and working through grief.  Sessions are created especially for you, and designed based off of your needs.



Sessions will include a combination of discussion and tarot reading(s) to generate new perspectives and create actionable steps to integrate into your life. After our session, you'll receive a personal guidebook with information discovered and guidance to work with as you develop on your path.  


Discover the power of archetype and storytelling in your life. We'll use the tarot to find out what you're working with and begin to see where you can heal and transform.


New thoughts and experiences begin with imagination. We'll use the symbolism of the tarot to help spark creative ideas to guide you along your path, and give you a new perspective. 


We'll create pragmatic action steps to integrate into your life experience to generate a place within where transformation can arise. 


Like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, or a snake sheds its skin...your session is designed to guide you to change and transformation into a wholesome, more aligned version of yourself. 






why tarot?

Tarot is gaining popularity in a world where people are searching for higher meaning, purpose, value and vitality. Tarot is used to communicate with our higher selves through archetype and symbology.  The archetypes expressed in the tarot are inherent to human consciousness and represent the multi-faceted ways we experience the full spectrum of life.

A tarot reading will reveal where we are at on both conscious and subconscious levels.  The information comes through as a revelation (revealing what is already there.) In this sense, people report having already "known," but having elements of their experience confirmed and supported. Tarot also provides us with new perspectives and take aways on our current or past experience.

Tarot is a tool for transformation and growth.



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