Exploring the tarot can be a little bit like "stargazing with a blindfold," in that the process is focused inward on the mysterious dynamics of who we are and what we are currently experiencing.  Playing with the tarot can help us to awaken different aspects of self that reside in between the realms of conscious and subconsciousness.  A tarot reading may be used to guide our decision making by bringing our deepest thoughts, feelings, and desires to the forefront of our perception. 

A tarot reading is a way to engage our imagination through art and archetype.  It can help us to expand our perspective to make space for more creative, intuitive solutions and methods.  If anything, it's a intriguing way to explore the mysteries of ourselves and our collective humanity. 

Spirit Cell Tarot is a Pop-Up Tarot experience currently operating in Southern California and available for travel.  Currently booking for events, festival appearances and private parties. 

View our events page for recent happenings and our inquiries page to get in touch.  


Photos by Savanna Lindley