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When you hear the world portal, what does it make you think?  Does it conjure feelings of newness, wonder, escape, or adventures in another dimension?  Does it make you think of a secret doorway in a secret garden, or maybe it makes you think of those crazy looking things in Donnie Darko...Portals are all of these things!

Portals give way to the new, the unknown, the hidden.  Inwardly, they are entryways to new experience.  They exist for us to open and explore.  Unlocking our inner portals can lead us to new levels of life and upgrade us to experience we have only dreamt about.  Opening the portal within is paramount for our growth, so that we can reach deeper into our power, courage, sovereignty and love.  Making the change starts from within.  It only takes one candle to light thousands more. 

Tarot can be like a key for accessing the portals within to new levels of our potential experience.  The stories revealed through the cards help us to connect with our inner guide, our intuition, and our highest self.  We can use tarot card reading to identify blocks, or patterns that are standing in the way of your best self as well as access hidden gems of strength and potential that are waiting within you to be discovered.  The Portal is open, are you ready to dive in? 

The Open the Portal 2018 Tarot reading is created to help you unlock new potentials and opportunities for growth in the new year.  There's no time like the present to open yourself up to the divinity and power within.  This one hour session is a personalized consultation to address your needs & desires & includes a guidebook.

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