Thirty Spokes converge upon a single hub;
It is on the hole in the center that the use of the cart
We make a vessel from a lump of clay;
It is the empty space within the vessel that makes it
We make doors and windows for a room;
But it is these empty spaces that make the room
Thus, while the tangible has advantages,
It is the intangible that makes it useful.
-from the Tao Teh Ching by Lao Tzu
The Maze Tarot Card from  Westworld  

The Maze Tarot Card from Westworld 

There is no doubt that we are in strange, chaotic times.  Many of us are being called, whether we recognize it as a call or not, to re-examine the fundamental ideas we have about life and who we are.  We are questioning, seeking, trying to find something to "tie our star to" for a sense of comfort.  We crave security, wholesomeness, a place to return to for refuge from the current chaos.

Right now, we are suspended in mystery and the unknown.  Unknown of our true selves, unknown of the future.  We are looking for truth.  We are looking for leadership.  We are looking for fierce guidance.  Where is this to be found?

We can blame and point fingers for the lack thereof, but the truth is that this is archaic and doesn’t seem to be working out for us very well. Turning our focus inwards, on the levels that cascade within, is the most transformational work we can do at this time.  This kind of process of turning from the outside world in, brings about the alchemy that is needed for our soul and collective evolution at the present time.  We are realizing, in the wake of much harsh disillusionment, that we simply have our self, our inner guide. Frankly, because relying on society and leadership and outside sources to guide us has pretty much been a massive fail.

The Message RN

It is crucial for us to tune into our inner guide NOW to give us direction in the wake of so much uncertainty.  

The basic idea behind Spirit Cell is that we as humans, are like cells in a larger, grander organism.  We live to serve the greater whole by being who we truly are and functioning as the cell we were created to be.  Strong, healthy, individual cells contribute to the benefit of the organism as a whole.  In this vein, we must start by focusing on OUR OWN CELL.  

The challenges are plenty with the endless distractions of the modern world, combined with years of karma we’ve accumulated as many ancient souls on the planet right now.  My personal experience and dharma have taught me that it is the highest honor to come to earth as a human, but it is also comes with a sense of responsibility. 

For the sake of humanity and our planet, we are being highly encouraged to develop and cultivate our inner world so that we may act authentically and for the benefit of all beings in the outer. 

The Star by  SERPENTFIRE Tarot  | Image by  The Empress SD

The Star by SERPENTFIRE Tarot | Image by The Empress SD

“I took the stars from my eyes and then I made a map
and I knew that somehow I could find my way back.”
- Florence & The Machine "Cosmic Love"


Healing with The Star

Stars, in the physical sense, have always revealed the light in the natural darkness of space.  

The ancients aligned their temples and pyramids with the constellations themselves (simultaneously while in completely different parts of the world) and navigators have long created maps by ways of these bright, shiny beacons. Ah, the mysteries of the universe!  Enough to make us forget about (or remember) ourselves for a second. ;)

In a more abstract sense, stars have always been beacons of hope.  Pointing us towards “the way,” (which is a vital concept taught by both Jesus, Buddha and loosely translated into the Tao) the star illuminates a sense of direction and purpose.  In the tarot, she is the way to our “True North.” An ode to our north star and the essence of our being.  A reminder of who we really are.  And that we are always returning. 

The Star is the lighthouse of the tarot.  Surrounded by darkness and a sea of blackness, as the stars in the sky are surrounded by infinite space, she is a beacon calling us home, calling us to our truest selves.  She even reminds us of something we may have forgot; our deeper more cosmic connections to this whole experience as origins of stardust.

She illuminates our return to origin, source, home. 

Waldo by  Kamran Hafeez

Waldo by Kamran Hafeez

But what is home?  

Is it a place, a person, a feeling? 

A knowing? 

An unknowing? 

Is it something we vaguely remember but have mostly forgotten?  

Or do we know, deeply inherently, where it is?

Is it in our hearts?  

Is it in the now? 

Is it us, discovered?

The Star can bring us deep inner peace and clarity of purpose.  She is most literally “lighting” our “way.”  When we can become clear about this sense of home and how we experience it, we are alive in her magic.  

The Star by  The Fountain Tarot

The Star by The Fountain Tarot

“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.”

All of the cards in the tarot resonate with the fullness of human experience, and The Star is no different.  She does not discriminate, as it is inherent in her message that we all come from and return to her.  Likewise, the importance of finding our inner purpose, our sense of self, nowness, and peace, is inextricably intertwined to the evolution of human consciousness, and goes beyond any and all perceived boundaries (physical, mental, psycho-spiritual, etc.)  

Each of our inner compasses are unique to us, however.  Each of our inner worlds have different pathways that only we truly know how navigate.  In an ode to Westworld, each of our mazes are different.  To follow our star, we are to tune out and let fall aside those things we can identify as false in our field of perception. This can be initiated any way that you are called to. Whether its connecting with sacred texts, journaling, using tarot, meditation, yoga, etc.  This is about finding out what works for you, but it NO QUESTION involves devoting some time and energy in our day to day lives to doing something that allows us to move within.   

The Star invites us to find ourselves, and illuminate our truth from the inside out, so that we can illuminate each other. Once we find this inner purpose and guide, we can become beacons for others who have lost their way, too. Our connection to each other is essential to our survival and quality of life, but we must be strong within to be our best without. 

We are really being encouraged to give ourselves to the whole by means of the individual right now. 

Truly knowing ourselves is the most wild adventure!

 Via TheGlasStork

 Via TheGlasStork

Ideas for self-inquiry

What is home to you? 

What are your impressions of The Star? 

How is the Star lighting your way right now?

How can you call upon her energy to guide you further?

Where in your life are you letting others opinions and beliefs take the place of your internal compass? 

Finding our true north

Just like it takes us a while for our eyes to adjust to the night and see the stars as brilliant as they are, working with the Star is not necessarily a quick process.  We are encouraged to have patience as we adjust. 

Show yourself some gentleness and care, if you can.  The process of going within can be equally as uncharted and unknown and sometimes sad and scary. We may feel an overwhelming discomfort and insecurity, as we realize our old sense of what these things were doesn't make sense anymore. But, in the way of The Star, you will arise rejuvenated. There may even be some delight, in that we find some refuge in our moment to moment existence. And truly, the gem we're mining for, we discover we already inherently possess. 

“And a new day will dawn, 
for those who stand long, 
and the forests will echo with laughter.”
-Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven”

There is something about the black, starry night giving way to light of a rising sun that brings peace.  A sigh of relief that the dark night is over, reprieve from night and comfort in a new day.  And that is hope. 

White Tara, or "body of light" which also translates to "The Star."  She is a female bodhisattva in Mayanam Buddhism. Image via  Buddha Weekly

White Tara, or "body of light" which also translates to "The Star."  She is a female bodhisattva in Mayanam Buddhism. Image via Buddha Weekly

I would love to continue an open dialogue and promote reflection and sharing, so feel welcome to leave your thoughts and findings through your self inquiry in the comments below.

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Thank you for being here with me.

Peace and love be with you all on your journey towards the center. :)