As much as I love the smoke and mirrors and ritual of old world magic, it's not always the most inviting to people who are skeptical or wary of the tarot.  What I'm interested in within my practice is striking a balance between the magic and mystery, and the practical, "real world" applications of the art.  Most modern day tarot practitioners, including myself, are working to diminish the fear, fluff and skepticism surrounding the tarot so it can be accessed and utilized by more people.  Things are getting wild up in here and a lot of people are naturally and rightfully seeking.  Tarot is just another tool to help!  You don't have to believe in anything to be touched and influenced- guided if you will- by a tarot reading.  It just takes a level of openness and curiosity. And like the article below states, you'll most likely end up leaving a reading with more questions than you began with...and that is a good thing! 

Kelley Knight of Modern Mystic had a reading with a client (who unbeknownst to her went on to write about it in Nylon Magazine!)  and it is everything!  Here's an excerpt from "What Happens when a Spiritual Skeptic gets her Tarot Read."

"The cards didn’t tell me what to do. The cards forced me to think about the question at hand from a multitude of angles, the obvious ones but also those I wouldn’t necessarily think to examine on my own. It illuminated reservations I didn’t consciously realize I had and reassurances that had never crossed my mind." 

 "Whether it’s a serendipitously drawn Empress card, a burning stick of sage, or the weight of a smooth stone in the palm of your hand, it’s hard to turn your nose up at a lighthouse in a storm...If it makes you feel more sure, closer to the truth, more aware, then it’s working." - Gray Chapman

In our search for truth, we really can only truly know through direct experience what rings true and real to us. So the only way to really find out about tarot is to have a reading!  Find a reader that you trust and who you vibe with, and go for it.  It is an exploration, if anything...

My cup is full for all of us readers out there that the tarot is being received and acknowledged in such a positive, relatable way.   We're really just dealing in practical magic. ;) 

Please read the full article here 

credits: Nylon Magazine