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tarot readings san diego
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tarot readings san diego

Sarah McAllister

know thyself 

The developmental process of discovering and learning tarot coincided with my own personal need for growth and expansion. I have always been wild at heart with a creative spirit and an avid seeker of the sacred, the spiritual, the elevated, and the unknown. I started reading tarot after years of suffering from depression and experiencing a deep psychological chasm.  I had hit my proverbial rock bottom and it was a glimmer of intuitive call that lead me towards my first tarot deck.

Tarot has continued to be my main tool of transformation. With the use of tarot, I was able to usher in a new way of looking at myself and consequently looking at the world, which lifted me from my own personal hell into a more vibrant and authentic way of life. 

My practice is informed by traditional and intuitive interpretations of the tarot, as well as concepts and ideas from The Bible, The Tao, Buddhism, Psychology, Philosophy and personal experience. My goal is to synthesize and share the depth of knowledge I have accumulated and help guide others on a path of growth and transformation.

I am committed to the present paradigm shift, to healing our humanity and to helping people who are looking for an unconventional way to discover themselves, connect with source and liberate their own personal freedom. 

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